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     저희 Mcsys 는 월등한 기술력의 제품으로 고객에 소중한 배관을 책임지고 있습니다. 수십년 간 쌓아온 기술을 바탕으로 VALVE TOTAL BRAND 로 성장 하였으며 정유,폐수,발전,SLURRY 등 의 적용 할수 있는 모든 밸브를 생산 및 공급하는 배관 TOTAL ENGINEERING SERVICE 를 제공하고 있습니다.

    국내 모든 제철소 의 SLURRY 배관 과 혼합 화학재 를 사용하는 TEFLON LINED LINE 을 성공적 으로 적용 사용 하고 전국 발전소 고압, 고온 배관에 FORGED 밸브 를 공급하고  호주 LNG 배관에 최대 48" 600# BALL VALVE 를 공급 등 화학 설비 뿐 아니라 OIL & GAS 배관에도 핵심적인 밸브를 공급하므로 그 기술력을 인정 받았습니다.
    2015년  저희 맥시스 는 국내에서  V-NOTCH BALL VALVE 을 자체 개발 하고 신개념 의 MEGA 10, MEGA 20 에 이어 MEGA - I 를 개발하여 유체특성 또는 작동횟수, 속도, 등의 문제로 고민하는 배관을  혁신적인 구조에 제품으로 적용 문제를 해결하여 고객사 의 안정된 생산성 을 보장할수 있게 되었습니다.
    미국2개사, 이태리 3개사, 싱가폴 1개사, 중국 3개사 의 9개 의 해외 파트너 와 국내 5개사 총 14 개 회사 와 의 협력으로 당사에서 생산 공급하지 못하는 제품 에 대하여 어떻한 밸브라도 공급할수 있는 TOTAL SOLUTION SYSTEM 을 구축한 저희 Mcsys 는  앞으로도 "더 높은 표준을 향하여" 라는 슬로건으로 고객의 소중한 배관을 책임져 낳아갈것 입니다.
    With more than twenty years of experience in the power plant and semiconductor sectors, McSYS provides exceptional engineering and design solutions for mechanical and fluid control systems. Throughout the years, McSYS has built up extensive industry knowledge and honed our technical capacities. We proudly specialize in high pressure and temperature systems; waste water treatment systems; toxic gas and hazardous chemical treatment systems; vacuum systems; nitrogen generator systems; and various turn-key mechanical systems. Thanks to our considerable experience and acclaimed line of products, McSYS has cultivated and maintained a sterling reputation from clients. Additionally, we have partnered with other leading firms to develop and manufacture ground-breaking and innovative products that offer superior performance and reliability. At McSYS, we understand the importance of striving for perfection and are fully committed to bringing to the market products and solutions that are without peer by any and every metric.
    Our Motto: “Be the Highest of Standards”
    Our motto reflects our desire to create world-class products that speak for themselves. The McSYS approach always stresses three major points: market-leading innovation, first-rate performance and unfailing reliability.In short, our goal is to offer to our clients and partners work that is nothing but the highest standards in engineering and design.
    Our Products
    Our innovative valve designs are the best solutions in the industry for systems that feature extremely rapid and repeated fluid actuation. In addition, we cover numerous industries with our wide-ranging offering of highly reliable and durable conventional valves and fluid control accessories.
     • For rapid and repeated valve actuation        : Mega valves, Y-type angle valves
      • For tough fluid conditions                               : Teflon-lined valves, metal seat ball valves
      • For conventional application                          : Ball valves,butterfly valves, check valves, Y-strainers, steam traps
      • For flow control                                                 : Pneumatic actuators, positioners, declutch gears
    Industries We Serve
    Through our comprehensive product line, McSYS is well-equipped to meet any client's most exacting requirements. McSYS undertakes product design and engineering for process control in the following industries:
      • Oil and Gas
      • Refineries
      • Power Generation
      • Automobile Manufacturing
      • Chemical and Fertilizers
      • Nuclear Power and Defense Technologies
    Enhanced Product Development
    At McSYS, our exhaustive dedication to perfecting our products is made possible by our comprehensive engineering capacities. Our experience and intimate knowledge of industry requirements allows us to design and test our products to be the most reliable, functional and flexible offerings in the industry. Every McSYS product has these characteristics in common:
      • Robustand flexible design
      • First-class performance
      • Corrosion-resistance
      • Ease of maintenance, ease of use
      • Extreme precision
      • 100 percent factory-tested and warranty-backed
      • Highly customizable dimensions and shapes
    The McSYS Quality Assurance Process
    As an organization, McSYS is committed to growing with our clients and understand that our success is a directly related to the quality of our products. As such, McSYS has installed and maintains a robust quality management system that we continuously improve and expand.
    The quality control process we follow is systematic and completely documented. In order to ensure its effectiveness, McSYS dedicates a number of highly specialized and extensively-trained technicians who are equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment. Over the years, we have found that this investment ensures that our products and procedures adhere to – and exceed - the highest international quality and safety standards. Our commitment is to deliver to our clients nothing but the highest grade products; our quality control process is a crucial resource in realizing this goal.
    Acknowledged Presence Acrossthe Globe
    McSYS is dedicated to maintaining a global presence. We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the varying needs and requirements of industries from all over the world. With our heavy focus on knowledge management, the utilization of the best and most advanced tools and our flexibility and ability to cater to the very different needs of our very different clients, McSYS is ready to establish a leadership position in this far-reaching industry.
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